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Responsible for multi-million Euro business deals in the defense and aerospace sector in the Middle East.  Customers are government entities and private companies.
  • Finds leads and opportunities
  • Makes presentations
  • Negotiates contracts
  • Plans the financing and logistics
  • Sees the deal through inspections and payment.
Frequent travel to the Middle East and Europe. 
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„БАНКА ДСК” ЕАД ОБЯВЯВА ПОДБОР НА КАНДИДАТИ ЗА ДЛЪЖНОСТТА Главен Експертв Дирекция „ Управление на проекти и доставчици ” към Управление „Информационна трансформация”, Централно управление, гр. София Основни задължения:
  • Ръководи цялостния процес по реализацията на проекти.  
  • Отговаря за планирането и управлението на ресурсите и бюджетите по проектите.  
  • Следи за навременното изпълнение на задачите по проекта, както свежда до знанието на ръководството в случай на изместване на планираните срокове.  
  • Отговаря за комуникацията с външни и вътрешни доставчици и заявителите.  
  • Отговаря за качеството на документацията на проекта.  
  • Участва в дейностите по анализ на бизнес изисквания за осигуряване на необходимата функционалност.  
  • Следи за изпълнението на задачите, поръчките и плащанията по проектите  
  • Подготвя различни видове докладни, заповеди и отчети свързани с различните елементи на проекта.
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„БАНКА ДСК” ЕАД ОБЯВЯВА ПОДБОР НА КАНДИДАТИ ЗА ДЛЪЖНОСТТА Експерт „Ефективност на екипите по продажби“ към Проект „Развитие на банкиране на дребно”, в Направление „Банкиране на дребно”, Централно управление за градовете София, Благоевград, Пловдив, Стара Загора, Бургас, Варна, Велико Търново, Плевен Основни задължения:
  • Отговаря за внедряването на нова организация на работа, свързана с продажбите и обслужването в поделенията на банката в съответния регион.  
  • Участва в изготвянето на планове за повишаване ефективността в продажбите.  
  • Обучава, провежда презентации пред служителите на банката.  
  • Подпомага мениджърите и служителите от поделенията в съответния регион в продажбения процес и обслужването на клиентите.  
  • Изготвя доклади за напредъка на внедряване на отделните задачи/проекти.  
  • Извършва мониторинг и контрол на изпълнението на поставените задачи и резултати по проектите, свързани с организацията на работа и ефективност на продажбите.  
  • Осигурява съдействие от различни звена в централата на поделенията на банката по проблеми свързани с внедряването на елементи/процеси от проекта.  
  • Подчиненост: на ръководителя на проекта.
Обяви за работа
Обяви за работа
Are you a future leader ? At GSK we research, make and market innovative medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products that touch the lives of millions of people around the world. Our Future Leaders programme suits graduates who want a career with real purpose and who share our mission to help people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer. We need future commercial teams to understand our patients and consumers and we need tomorrow’s experts in research & development, manufacturing, marketing, finance, procurement, human resources and etc. to achieve outstanding business performance. We’re meeting some of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges. And we need you to make it happen. Future Leaders Programme 2017   Our Future Leaders need ambition, commercial awareness and a self-motivated, proactive approach. We’re looking for clear, effective communicators who can quickly build a rapport with a wide range of people. It’s also important that you can adapt to change and keep focused when the pressure is on. While you have the drive and confidence to trust your own judgement, you’re a real team player who actively collaborates with others. In addition, you’ll need an analytical mind, a talent for multi-tasking and the ability to influence others. For this programme we are particularly keen to consider NEW FRESH GRADUATES with degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Finance, Business (Economics, Marketing, Sales, and Management), Psychology, Human Resources, Communications, Logistics, etc. Our commitment Future Leaders Programme at GSK Bulgaria is an accelerated 3-year development programme with the ultimate goal of offering permanent employment in the company. The program will be well paid - against high expectations of quality of work; During the 3 year period the future leader will work for one year in three different departments of the company. Graduates joining our Future Leaders Programme have the chance to work in roles across our global business, to build breadth and depth of expertise and contribute to our mission.  
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The Investment Banking Associate is expected to:  
  • Analyse financial and capital markets information, prepare financial models, business valuations, business presentations
  • Prepare marketing materials, teasers, information memorandums, internal memos and transaction proposals
  • Participate in pre-screening, analysis and evaluation of new opportunities, investment projects and financing transactions
  • Work closely with senior members of the team on transaction execution, with increasing levels of responsibility and accountability over time
  • Assist with training and coordinating the work of junior team members
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Нашият клиент е международна фирма, която продава и отдава под наем контейнери, които могат да се използват за офис, складови или санитарни помещения. Ежедневните задължения ще бъдат: - Отговаряне на запитвания на клиенти по телефон и e-mail; - Изготвяне и изпращане на оферти; - Уговаряне на срещи с потенциални клиенти за предоставяне на възможност да изберат подходящ за техните нужди контейнер; - Сключване на договори за покупка-продажба или наем на контейнер; - Организиране на доставката на закупените/наетите контейнери до клиента; - Поддържане на добра комуникация с настоящите клиенти; - Търсене на нови клиенти; - Отчетност пред Управител.  
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It is not always about speed. Sometimes what is most important is depth, scope and combinatory way of thinking. If data analysis is your thing, and you are eager to double check everything and get to the very core of certain financial and business intelligence processes, the following two options are just for you: Are you:
    • Curious, willing to make a difference and eager to challenge to status quo  
    • Willing to acquire knowledge in areas such as:Data science (Predictive analytics, analytical data models, machine learning);  Digital technologies, digital marketing & web/app analytics; Database management - working with SQL and ETL tools  
    • Comfortable to interact with different groups of people.  
    • Innovative and technology driven person  
    • Aware of Kaizen and applying this in how you do things  
We offer you to join one of the following teams: Position 1: Finance Intern The Team: The Finance intern will be supporting 2 teams in the Finance Direction: the Revenue Assurance (RA) team and the Credit Risk team. The Revenue Assurance team is the unit that ensures the company actually collects the revenue that results from the production and sale of its services. RA has an end–to-end view over the processes in the company from the network node to the point of sale. By using various DB tools RA performs system audit, data quality and integrity audit in order to detect discrepancies, gaps in processes or procedures and prevent revenue leakages. The Credit Risk department is responsible for profitability index (PI) which is the ratio of payoff to investment. For this team you will be developing a holistic profitability model to identify credit scoring break even and optimal cutoffs for both cash and installment sale. What you will do and learn:
    • Gather and apply knowledge about rating system  
    • Develop control for detecting discrepancies in charging by using MS SQL and SSIS  
    • Analysis and escalation of findings  
    • Propose/implement mitigation measures  
    • Participate in Credit Scoring system support and development  
    • Monitor, analyze and report profitability indicators  
    • Enrich model with new profitability indicators  
    • Develop granular profitability reports
Position 2: Business Intelligence Intern The team: The BI Team is cross-functional team, sitting between the business and technical area. We are the one establishing and governing the BI processes, policies and strategy across company. Working in the BI team you will take part in exciting projects, develop the new BI capabilities & processes and invent the Telenor BI future. You will work with experts with vast experience and expertise and learn from the best. What you will do and learn:
    • Preform business analyses for the BI initiatives and projects and write business requirements;  
    • Lead specific projects, tasks and initiatives, a.k.a. Project Management;  
    • Analyze and Design system and business processes, UML;  
    • Preform data analyses and insights:  SQL, R, Python, SPSS;  
    • Develop reports, i.e. Data Visualization
Position 3: General Data Protection Regulation Intern The team:In the Analytics and Reporting team in Marketing, Digital and Analytics Division, we prepare business reports, analysis, evaluate findings for top management, marketing or other units. In this team, you will drive and organize the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation What you will do and learn:
    • Take part in the preparation of the internal processes analysis regarding the General Data Protection Regulation  
    • Research and benchmark the best practices in order to identify best approaches to data privacy  
    • Prepare draft requirements for the Consent Management system, UAT and implementation  
    • Analyze and prepare reports regarding internal customer data to support the need of the commercial teams
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The Embassy of the Kingdom in the Netherlands in Sofia is looking for a senior secretary / operational assistant, for the period 1 December 2017 – 1 July 2018. This temporary function is created to support the embassy’s operational management during the months in which Bulgaria has the EU Presidency, when the embassy will be confronted with significant extra tasks in the areas of welcoming, lodging and transporting incoming Dutch delegations and drafting programs hereto. The Embassy is a professional and dynamic organization with a motivated and enthusiastic team. Discretion is a must. Your activities The senior secretary / operational assistant will work closely with the relevant policy staff to provide general administrative, logistical and organizational support for the extra tasks that will arise during the Bulgarian EU Presidency. This includes making arrangements relating to administration and coordinating work with regard to the provision of services and support for the incoming Dutch delegations. Building and maintaining constructive working relations with Bulgarian EU Presidency liaisons is an essential part of the job. The senior secretary will have to prioritize, assess urgency and make connections, and monitor the progress and completion of tasks. She/he will receive and speak to visitors, plays a key role in connection with appointments, the reception of guests and visitors, and preparing of meetings, both internal and external.
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Ние сме инвеститор в динамично развиваща се компания в областта на финансовото консултиране и експертните оценки. Компанията се състои от млад и амбициозен екип, който вярва, че хората са най-ценният капитал на всяка организация и затова непрестанно инвестира в тях. За екипа ни в гр. София търсим високо мотивиран специалист за длъжността: Специалист "Експерт оценител на търговски предприятия - финансов анализатор" Вашите отговорности: ∙ Изготвяне на експертни оценки на търговски предприятия и/или финансови активи;
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A fulfilling digital experience is impossible without those who take care of all aspects of a certain online solution, app or process. In fact most of us don’t realize that things we take for granted as customers online are such not simply because of a perfect code and design, but also because of certain people – the so called digital ninjas. Dear young digital ninjas, please apply here! You are:
    • Curious, willing to make a difference and eager to challenge to status quo  
    • Creative and digital native  
    • Familiar with software usability and digital market  
    • Self-starter and highly motivated  
    • Team player
We offer you to join one of the following teams: Position 1: Customer Centricity Intern The team:In Customer centricity team we search for new challenges in order to improve the customer journey and implement customer-centered solutions. We are looking for someone who is inspired, creative and digitally savvy to join our team. As an intern you will be responsible for developing new and improving existing digital channels such as MyTelenor app as well as promoting its advantages to customers. What you will do and learn:
    • Identify the customers‘ needs in MyTelenor App/ Web and other digital channels  
    • Design the best solution that serves the customer and assure satisfying and impressive customer journey  
    • Prepare schemes, mock-ups and/or prototypes for testing  
    • Transfer the solutions into business requirements  
    • Work in a dynamic environment where the only constant is the change
Position 2:Digital Services Intern The team:Digital Services and Partnership team at Telenor stands behind the partnerships acquisition, establishment and management such as HBO GO partnership. The team is responsible for the Digital Services roadmap as well as for the main KPIs of these services, i.e. Monthly Active Users, Registered Users etc. In this team you will work on various internal and external cross functional projects. What you will do and learn:
    • Market research or research of the functions of the specific service  
    • Participate in meetings with partners  
    • Analyze the different business models and the proposed parameters from the potential vendors  
    • Prepare business cases, legal documents and marketing briefs  
    • Report on project updates and results analysis
Position 3:Digital Office Intern The team behind Digital Office, Telenor's internal app for employees aimed at simplifying and optimizing various business processes, is a cross-functional one. There are people from HR, IT, Information security, Digital services and other departments who work on developing new functionalities based on internal customer needs and constantly exchange knowledge. What you will do and learn:
    • Work closely with the Project manager and other stakeholders  
    • Learn about project management, service design, agile and UX principles  
    • Design modules using effective collaboration and service design principles in close interaction with key user groups  
    • Drive user assessment of modules for launch  
    • Research on and implement best practices from other parts of the business locally and globally  
    • Prepare presentations for the key stakeholders
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