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Manager, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth in Endeavor Bulgaria
Coordinate Endeavor Bulgaria’s Search & Selection Process:
  • Develop expertise in strategic industry verticals and proactively screen high-potential entrepreneurs running companies with $500,000 - $50 million in annual sales
  • Leverage Endeavor’s network of business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, academics and journalists to “nominate” potential candidates
  • Assess companies’ growth potential, critical challenges, and the entrepreneurial capacity and mindset of the team
  • Draft company overviews and detailed case studies to be used at Endeavor’s Local and International Selection Panels. These case studies analyze business concepts, innovation, growth potential and management teams
  • Maintain an ongoing pipeline of potential entrepreneur candidates
 Coordinate Endeavor Bulgaria’s Entrepreneur Services Process:
  • Build deep relationships with local High-Impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs
  • Design, develop, and manage all aspects of the support given to entrepreneurs including advisory boards, mentorship sessions with advisors and investors, and other strategic services related to talent and investment 
  • Work with Endeavor Global’s NY headquarters and other Endeavor affiliate offices to provide selected entrepreneurs with additional support and resources from Endeavor’s network
 Manage Account Associates:
  • Provide clear direction and feedback to the Account Associate 
  • Ensure that company profiles are completed on time and are of the highest quality
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