Събота, 21 Юли 2018 г.
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What Does It Take?
You should have a proven interest  in marketing communications (B2C and B2B clients) –  online, offline media, content, event management, community set up and community management. The activities are strongly linked to the sale process. You need to be able to generate and implement unconventional marcom approach, which is highly efficiency-oriented and result-oriented. At the end of the day, it is about sales results and efficiency.
  • Develop, execute and oversee marketing communication campaigns across all digital and some offline media channels from concept to launch, to achieve engagement, raise brand awareness, acquire and nurture leads.
  • Create email marketing campaigns and company newsletters.
  • Create and update marketing and communication content, related to the communication strategy and main topics – including short videos and articles.  
  • Create, update and monitor content for our community on social media, company website, blog and other content marketing channels.
  • Act as our reporter during our workshops and training programs to get content and broadcast it according to the marcom plan.
  • Execute and supervise event organisation..Create, update and monitor content on social media, company website, blog and other content marketing channels.
  • Support (passive) sales activities.
  • Work with internal and external teams to develop and execute creative activities all long the marketing funnel..
  • Develop creative ideas and Eexplore inspiring and useful external resources and events.
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